Creative Marblecast Mfg Inc. is a leading and respected local manufacturer, supplier and installer of cultured marble and solid surface products for new construction, remodels and commercial projects.

Since 1989, we've been fabricating products for shower units, vanity tops, tub surrounds,  window sills and more. As you explore our products, you’ll be amazed at the quality, colors, styles and designs that are now available at prices you never imagined.

We understand the importance of keeping current with industry trends and our Tyvarian® or PolyStone products do just that. You don’t have to think of cultured marble as a thing of the past anymore.


Tyvarian is a product that is bringing art and innovation to bathroom surfaces. Not only does Tyvarian provide additional style and color, it has rock solid test results showing its passing grade on industry standard tests, including scrubbability and UV resistance. Sand paper and UV light are no match for Tyvarian; you won't have to worry about colors fading or scrubbing away. 

Want to start designing your new shower and/or tub surround? Use our Design Studio tool to get the creative juices flowing!

Product Benefits

     • Amazing design possiblities (over 90 colors)
     • The look and feel of stone without the expense
     • Easy to clean
     • The look of tile without grout, prep work, or maintenance
     • Watertight
     • Moisture and mildew resistant
     • Grout-free surfaces
     • Scrub resistant
     • UV resistant
     • Environmentally responsible
     • Non-porous; No sealer or grout maintenance required

Product Applications

     • Shower Walls and Bases
     • Tub surrounds, splashes, skirts, decks
     • Vanity Tops
     • Tile Accent panels for Showers or Backsplashes
     • Wainscoating
     • Decorative wall panels
     • Outdoor tables/counters
     • Commercial applications
     • And more!

This is a product which can’t be found in a big box store! Its exceeding performance and durability tests, so combine that with the product benefits, incredible design possibilities and affordability, it sets itself apart from all other options.

Our groutless Accent Panels are ideal for a vanity backsplashes, decorative shower pieces, and more.There is finally an affordable backsplash that will finish your kitchen or bath with a wow factor that you will love.

Tile Backsplashes have been a very popular choice in bathrooms for years. It is the definition of elegance and can make any bathroom feel luxurious, while adding value to your home.Our accent panels look great and install in a fraction of the time it takes to install traditional tiles, saving you both time and money.

The high design and low maintenance is something you will enjoy for years to come with no grout mess to maintain or worry about. Unlike many natural stones and tiles, our accent panels are non-porous and don't require any sealing, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Poly Stone is a spray or cast solid surface material. Its surfacing can dramatically enhance almost any surface with spectacular colors and textures often achieving granite-like looks. Its versatility is unmatched with its diversity of uses and durability.

Available in large and small chip color combinations with almost unlimited application potential, Poly Stone is often used in bathroom vanities, shower surrounds, wall panels, window sills & furnishings.

Free of hazardous pigments and additives, Poly Stone uses the finest raw materials. The granules are a polyester compound, incorporating pure alumina tri-hydrate into the particle. Poly Stone is UV resistant, fire resistant, chemical and stain resistant. 

Don't just imagine what your Shower, Bath or Vanity Tops could look like...come in to see and feel the variety of options, colors, and finishes in our showroom. If it doesn’t work for you to come in during our normal business hours, we’re more than happy to make an after-hours appointment with you. We hope to see you soon!